Epoxy Floor Coating Markham

Give your old concrete floor a new makeover by applying an epoxy coating, which is durable, built to last, and easy to maintain

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What is epoxy made of?

Epoxy is made of two parts, the base and the hardener. When it is mixed, the epoxy should be applied soon to achieve the best finish.

What is metallic epoxy flooring?

Metallic epoxy looks similar to marble but is easier to maintain and cheaper to install. They come in an array of colours and finishes. We will apply a primer, basecoat, and topcoat.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring in Markham?

  • Protect against wear and tear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enhanced overall aesthetic
  • Resistant to household chemicals
  • Non-slippery

What is metallic epoxy flooring?

Metallic epoxy looks like marble flooring but is easier to clean and less expensive.

Examples of metallic epoxy floors are as follows:

  • white marble with grey vein
  • metallic silver and charcoal
  • plain beige
  • plain silver
  • copper metallic

Why you should hire Canada Chemicals and Coatings for epoxy flooring in Markham?

We have many years of experience. Our team will provide assistance and support every step of the way. We use quality products that have been tested to meet the highest of standards and our crew members are trained to handle specialized equipment required to apply the floor coating.

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