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Applying garage sealing to your garage flooring offers a range of compelling benefits

Canada Chemicals and Coatings’ garage sealing is meticulously crafted to ensure the longevity of your garage flooring. Suitable for various garage floor types, including parking garages, it caters to those who use their garage extensively for diverse purposes or simply desire an enhanced aesthetic.

Our garage sealing solution offers a durable and cost-effective answer for your garage flooring needs. Utilizing a concrete-based sealing system, it surpasses traditional concrete in strength, being six times more robust, ensuring longevity for many years to come. Its chemical-resistant formula is resilient against household chemicals like coolants, gas, oils, and cleaning agents, making it an ideal choice for any garage. The added UV protection renders it waterproof and easy to clean, making it a versatile solution for both residential and parking garages. Trust Canada Chemicals and Coatings to provide you with a garage sealing system that not only elevates the look of your space but also ensures lasting protection against various elements.



Canada Chemicals and Coatings does garage sealing year-round. They are dedicated to serving their clients’ schedules. Their top of the line systems can accommodate a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Anything above -20 degrees celsius is considered perfect weather for garage sealing using Canada Chemicals and Coatings sealing process.

As far as any interruption to your home life or business schedule, depending on the size of the garage sealing job, the garage sealing can take as little as one day for a residential garage, or be up to a month long endeavor for large parking garages. Either way, you’re in great hands with Canada Chemicals and Coatings’ garage sealing procedure and they will work with you to get the job done when you need.

HOW Canada Chemicals and Coatings’ GARAGE SEALING WORKS

As soon as you contact them, Canada Chemicals and Coatings will send out a specialist, free of charge, to help walk the client through each of the necessary steps and provide a project estimate.

Once you’re ready to get started, everything will be removed from the garage. Canada Chemicals and Coatings will prepare the area, removing the top layer of concrete and its surface cracks, as well as the coatings and stains. This will give the floor a solid base for the application of the sealing coating.

All of the pits and cracks in your garage flooring will be filled, then ground down to ensure that the garage sealing finish will adhere seamlessly to the structure. They then vacuum the area to remove any debris that might have accumulated during this process.

A durable primer is then used to seal the garage floor. Canada Chemicals and Coatings utilizes a two-part process that involves the use of a pigment and a sealing system. This is done using a roller and a squeegee.

While the primer is still wet, Canada Chemicals and Coatings specialists will add decorative or industrial sand and metallic finishes to the base coat. They then remove the excess material once the coating has cured.

A clear top coat is then applied, which is a unique process that Canada Chemicals and Coatings uses. This process ensures that their sealing solution will last for a long time. They recommend giving the area 24 hours to cure, and 48 hours before you start driving on it. After the area has been thoroughly cleaned, your garage sealing is ready to be used. Finally, and importantly, clients of Canada Chemicals and Coatings receive a signed warranty guarantee.


WHY CHOOSE Canada Chemicals and Coatings FOR YOUR GARAGE SEALING

A garage sealing company should be chosen based on experience, quality of products and warranty. Because of the nature of epoxy, issues can arise many months after application making it imperative to choose a company that will adhere to their promises. Canada Chemicals and Coatings is that company. They have a warranty guarantee for any yellowing, in the unlikely circumstance that it should occur. However, their sealing topcoat is polyaspartic, ensuring resistance to yellowing.
Canada Chemicals and Coatings follows strict quality control procedures. They test their sealing solutions before they are used to ensure that they meet a certain standard. You don’t know if your solution is bad until it starts to yellow six months later. This is where a guarantee, and a company that abides by that guarantee is so important.

With over a decade of experience, Canada Chemicals and Coatings can handle any garage sealing project, no matter how big or small. They are known for their efficient and thorough work, and they don’t subcontract. Unlike other companies, they provide an upfront price, so you can know what you’re getting with your garage sealing.

Canada Chemicals and Coatings’ technicians are highly skilled and can guarantee that their garage sealing work will protect your floors from peeling, cracking, and fading for three years.

Although Canada Chemicals and Coatings is based in Toronto, they are also capable of handling garage sealing projects outside of the region. Just give them a call!


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Our floors exude durability. To underscore our confidence, we back every Canada Chemicals and Coatings floor with a robust 3-year warranty, safeguarding against flaking, peeling, and blistering.


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