Epoxy Floor Coating Ottawa

Give your old concrete floor a new makeover by applying an epoxy coating, which is durable, built to last, and easy to maintain.

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What is epoxy floor Ottawa?

Epoxy floors are built to last and can be used in various spaces like residential and industrial. They can be used to resurface concrete floors for a brighter, more professional look. Epoxy come in various styles, so you can pick the one you like best.

Why should you switch to epoxy floor coating in Ottawa?

There is a UV protective coating that protects the colour of the floor from fading. The material is highly durable and scratch-resistance while also being water-proof. Did you know that epoxy floors are 6 times stronger than a concrete floor? The floor is aesthetically pleasing but also not slippery, and safe to walk on. Last but not least, the material is chemical resistant against gas, coolant, oils and household chemicals.

What are the advantages and applications of epoxy?

Epoxy floors are professional looking because they are bright. It is cost-effective and installation is less expensive than other types of flooring. Epoxy floors are not only water resistant but also heat resistant, which means they are good against chemical spills. You’ll often find epoxy floor coating in garages and automotive spaces because they are resistant to chemicals like oil, gasoline, and others. Another advantage is their resistance to germs and bacteria. Plus the surface is easy to clean because things don’t stick to the surface, so you might find yourself walking on epoxy floors in medical clinics or hospitals.

What are the different types of epoxy floor coating we offer in Ottawa?

  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Solid Colour Epoxy

Why should you hire Canada Chemicals and Coatings for epoxy flooring in Ottawa?

All our crew members are trained in-house and we do not subcontract any of our work out. Our team will complete your epoxy floor on schedule. In fact, the entire process from preparing the floors to coating it can be completed in less than one day. We test all of our epoxy products to ensure they meet the highest of standards. Our crew members are trained in using the products and equipment required for any installation. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on customer service.

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