Epoxy Flooring In North York

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Epoxy Flooring In North York

People use epoxy for a wide variety of purposes. Epoxy creates durable, secure, and chemically resistant flooring. The creation of epoxy coatings comes through the generation of a chemical reaction using a polyamine hardener and an epoxide resin. When these two chemicals are combined, a process of ‘curing’ happens. After some time, the epoxy coating transforms from liquid to a highly durable and reliable solid.

Epoxy will give you the result of a long-lasting and durable option when used in flooring applications. Also, epoxy coatings are used over concrete floors in several industrial and commercial applications, including airplane hangars, garages, showrooms, hospitals, warehouses, industrial plants, retail and commercial stores, manufacturing plants, and more.

You can also get the high gloss, decorative finish provided by epoxy coatings and floor paints in various styles and colours. When using an epoxy coating on floors, some cosmetic options are coloured aggregate flooring, chip flooring, and terrazzo flooring. You can apply an epoxy floor coating directly over new or old concrete floors since it provides a chemically resistant and easy-to-clean flooring solution.

Are you choosing flooring systems for your home in North York? Have you thought of epoxy flooring? Epoxy flooring in all rooms of the house, and not just the basement, has many advantages over other flooring options and looks beautiful and exciting. It will be flooring that your family and guests will notice!

Epoxy Flooring in Basements

Are you looking into getting epoxy flooring for your basement? Canada Chemicals and Coatings can do that for you. We specialize in industrial-grade epoxy flooring in basements. We are happy to help you with all your flooring needs. Epoxy is durable and lasts for a long time, making it suitable for new and old basements alike.

If you have a concrete floor in your basement, we can apply an epoxy floor coating over it. It is strong and durable, so epoxy is often used in residential and commercial spaces. You can pick the colour and finish that you like best.

  • We test the products first to ensure they are of high quality, meeting specific standards.
  • We have knowledge and experience with epoxy flooring. We specialize in it, after all.
  • We ensure our clients are satisfied. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know, and we’ll address them.
  • We don’t subcontract work out since we train our team members in the house. Our technicians get the training they need to handle the products and equipment necessary for their job.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

Firstly, we can clear out the basement and move ant furniture out of the way. After that, our team will prepare the surface properly to ensure the epoxy coating goes on smoothly. Often, cracks appear in concrete over time, and we can fill them. Then our technicians will apply the different layers. Once this is done, we clean up after ourselves. Most of the time, Canada Chemicals and Coatings can finish the process in less than a day.

  1. Epoxy is resistant to scratches. While other floors scratch easily, epoxy stands up well against wear and tear.
  2. The UV protective coating protects the surface from fading or turning yellow.
  3. Interestingly enough, epoxy is much stronger than concrete. We can apply a coating over concrete floors for extra durability.
  4. Epoxy comes in many colours and finishes. You can choose the look that suits your taste.
  5. It is resistant to many household chemicals like oil and gas. You don’t have to worry about spilling liquids on the floor.
  6. Epoxy is waterproof and non-slippery. Even when it’s wet, the floor is safe to walk on.

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